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How We Make A Difference

My main goal is to teach people the world over that anyone can grow, even in the tiniest space.  No matter their situation, they can still grow much of their own food, cheaply, reliably, easily.  Common plumbing fittings and a few simple tools are all you need. If you have a hardware store nearby, that's all you need! My growing device uses only sun, seeds and five gallons of water to grow over 200 plants- in less than a three foot radius.  Three years of research and development went into producing a system that works anywhere!  If you have even a patio, you can grow 200 plants or more in a small space! Rugged, inexpensive design using off the shelf parts....

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Vegetables From Mars!

Is it even possible for vegetable life to grow on Mars?   Temperatures on Mars at the equator reach into the mid 70's F in the Summer- perfect for growing vegetables.   The atmosphere on Mars has scant water- but it does have some.  Martian atmosphere is easily compressed and what water is available can quite literally be squeezed out of the Martian air.  If that won't work, water can be shipped already in the system. Energy can be provided via solar systems or a small REM reactor.  This would provide power to run the robotic monitoring and control systems.  Martian atmosphere is full of C02- a necessary ingredient for plant life.   Why do we need to grow food...

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